Laura & Jacques Wedding Photos - Bucharest, Romania

July has been a very busy shooting month, with a few commercial gigs, a 3-week trip to Romania and Italy, a wedding and a big backpacking trip. With such a backlog of shoots, I have a lot of editing work to fill these foggy San Francisco days and evenings. I've counted 9 distinct events for which I'd like to make individual blog posts, so stay tuned for all the new work coming out soon. 

As some of you may know, I am originally from Romania. I moved to the States 11 years ago. My entire family and some of my best friends in the world are still on that side of the world.  Laura is one of my dearest friends, so I could not pass up attending her wedding to Jacques. I bundled up a visit to see my parents, with Laura's wedding, and a short visit to my cousin in Italy. Laura hired a photographer for her wedding, as she wanted me to enjoy myself as a guest and not have to work. I did however snap a few photos in-between all the dancing, eating and catching up with old friends. I didn't have a flash unit, so most of the indoor images were made at a super high ISO. I'm still quite pleased with the results. Enjoy!