Steep Ravine Portrait Session with Allie

The Steep Ravine Campground and Cabins have been on my to-do list for years. To my shame, in the 10 years that I've lived in San Francisco, I haven't managed to get there, despite their proximity to the city. Located about 45 minutes north of SF and a few minutes south of Stinson Beach, the cabins can be spotted if you look down from one of the many vista points on Highway 1. As the name says, they are perched on a cliff at the bottom of a ravine and facing the ocean.

The only issue is that reservations often have to be made a trillion months in advance. Imagine my excitement when, a couple of weeks ago, my friend Allie invited me to camp with her at Steep Ravine. As I was going through some hard personal times, I jumped at the opportunity, also jumped in the car, and at 7pm, right before sunset, I arrived in paradise. Here are some photos to prove it all: 

Behind that mermaid hair, dreamy blue eyes, delicate wild flower bouquet (which I later found out I was not allowed to pick) and soft poncho, Allie is one of those badass babes. When you first meet her, she comes off as too straightforward and maybe a bit abrupt. But later on you realize she's one of those purely genuine people, wearing her heart on her sleeve, telling it like it is. You want an honest opinion? Ask Allie. I've also noticed that the women I regard the most are like that. Blunt, but genuine. We need more of them in this world. Allie was going to camp at Steep Ravine all by herself for 2 nights, hiking Mt Tam during the day as training for hiking Mt Whitney later this summer. Allie also has an MA in Marine Biology, she's a professional scuba diver, climber, teacher, and mermaid hair owner. 


Friends Travis and Brannan visited us for a brief moment, sharing a beer on the beach and catching up. Travis is one of my dearest friends, and sadly I don't get to see him often enough. He's also one of the most talented photographers I know. Check out some of his work here


The next day in the morning we walked around the campsite and I took some photos of Allie, which you can see next. 


The cabins are the perfect getaway from the city - and oh so conveniently close located. However, the few camp sites next door seemed to me the secret treasure of the place. If you look at the last image, our tent was located under the big tree on the right. You have tons of privacy and isolation, you fall asleep to the sound of the waves, and you wake up to chirping birds and expanding ocean views. Not to mention that at sunset we saw a goose family roaming around, and at sunrise we had baby rabbits next to our tent. 

If you've made it this far, thank you for reading and looking at my photography. As I press onward with pursuing my dream, I come face to face with challenges that sometimes discourage me. I know that focus, hard work and persistence will eventually pay off. In those difficult moments I remind myself that doing what you love is the only way to true happiness and self-fulfillment. Thank you, again!