A Special Night at Social Print Studio

There are few companies that I admire as much as Social Print Studio. With a pretty straightforward name (thank God it doesn't end in "-ly" or "-lr" like most startup names these days), it does exactly what it says: prints your photos from social networks, specifically Instagram and Facebook. However, they're not your ordinary online printing service. They are a group of friends and creatives who've built a company unlike any other. 

SPS has recently started an artist residency program, and last Friday was the culmination of Amanda Salazar's residence, in the form of a live performance by a group of artists, hosted in the SPS office. Above, you can see Amanda perform one of her solo violin pieces. 

I won't go too much into details about the nature of this show, but I strongly recommend anyone reading to check out SPS and try to attend one of their future events. You will be in for a treat. Now, a little about the photo process and editing: as you probably know by now I own only one lens: a 50mm 1.4 L series lens. I take it with me everywhere I go and am forced to shoot everything I encounter through the perspective of this lens. For this show, most of the lights were turned off, so I shot everything at ISO 10,000 or 16,000 with a 1/200 shutter speed and widest aperture (1.4). The photos are quite grainy, and I turned some of them to B&W, as it rendered them more dramatic. No flash was used, and my camera was hand-held while I was crouching down between chairs, so as not to disturb the spectators. 


Above: Ben, the company founder, giving a welcome note. The brochure of the event contains the entire speech with some interesting observations and questions around the concept of supporting artistic endeavors abreast running a for-profit company. 


Above: Amanda and Xandre performing "Rattling Bones." 

Above: Amanda and Emily performing classical duets. Emily joined as a result of a Craigslist ad looking for a musician to perform the Bach double, a famous piece among violin players. 


Above: Catherine heated up a wine bottle cork in the flame of a candle to obtain instant face paint. She painted my face while smoke was still coming out of the cork. Like everyone else who got branded, I was scared the cork would be too hot, but it was just fine. Great tip for future parties! 

Change of decor: after this wonderful live performance that left me with goose bumps and a few tears in my eyes, I went home to my beautiful backyard to join friends in a little bonfire/bbq celebration that ended late in the night gorging down a giant ice-cream cake.