Weekend with the Walkers

Last weekend I took a road trip up north to visit my friend Brett Walker, who is currently doing an art residency at Chalk Hill Winery in Sonoma. His wife Kathleen and daughter Elanor were missing him, and I was dying to see the location of this famed residency program, so us three girls got in the car early Saturday morning and drove up to the Healdsburg area, for a day packed with fun activities. 

I ended up taking tons of photos of Elanor - but with a photogenic cutie like her and with such a great personality, it's hard not to. At first she really didn't want me to take any photos of her. She would turn around and yell at me every time I tried to point the camera at her. Then after a while, she warmed up to the idea and ended up completely ignoring the camera. Taking photos of kids is really challenging: they don't sit still, they don't pose, they don't like being told what to do, they can get very self-conscious about the camera. You have to work hard to gain their trust and make them feel comfortable, especially if you're not a familiar figure in their life. 

At night, the neighbors and art residency program organizers invited us for dinner. There was another family with kids visiting, and Elanor and Rowan ended up playing in a mud pit, then getting hosed off, while running around naked on the lawn. 

It was an incredible day of outdoors activities, spending quality time with great friends, meeting new people and playing with kids. I can't wait to have kids of my own soon. But I'll let the photos do more of the talking.