Vrooming around San Francisco with Stevie and Ryan

This past Saturday afternoon saw the first photoshoot with my new camera. I was very nervous, mostly because I never shot with a Canon before, and the camera knobs and settings are located in different places on the camera body than on my old Nikon. My finger memory is not formed yet.  

As a lover of mopeds and motorcycles, I've always wanted to shoot my friends riding, so I decided to give it a try. My friend Emily helped out by driving my hatchback, while I was shooting from the open back door of the car.  She was really nervous that I would slide out of the car and fall if she had to break suddenly, but I was safely secured with a ratchet strap. I thought of wearing my climbing harness for extra safety, but I forgot it at home. 

My friends Stevie and Ryan agreed to be my models, so we went on a little ride around the city. We had a lot of sun at the beginning of the shoot, but soon the infamous SF fog started rolling in, so the last part of the shoot was quite overcast, gloomy and very, very cold. Here are some of the shots: